Enabling a Scientific Approach to Improve Student Academic Performance


Adaptive Learning Solution

Student Ownership

  • Real-time academic/affective data is right at the fingertips of students making the platform a catalyst for self-directed learning

Formative Feedback

  • Students receive timely, descriptive feedback through the platform in multiple formats (discussion boards, messages, data reports, assessments) at the standard level

Communicate Learning

  • Targets Learning Standards, Essential Questions, & teacher expectations are clearly stated and communicated within the platform


Make Learning Visible


Performance Management Solution


Supports Backward Design

  • Assessment FOR, OF and AS Learning

28+ Tech Enhanced Questions

  • Next generation assessment platform that supports most advanced technology enhanced questions

Best Of Breed Content

  • Preloaded with 100,000+ high quality state standard aligned assessment items from industry leader Item Banks

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Powerful reporting capability with consolidated student data providing a holistic view

Next Generation Assessment Platform

Formative and Benchmark Tests Administration


Learning Analytics Solution


Learning Analytics Solution
  • Actionable Data Insights
  • Perspective-based Insights for teachers, administrators, students & parents
  • Historical & Operational Dashboards
  • Formative, Summative & Local Assessment Data
  • Aligned to State Curriculum Standards
  • Early Warning Indicators
  • Drill-able, clickable reports with dynamic visualizations that can be converted quickly into PDFs
  • Assessment and Accountability Public Online Reporting
  • Seamless Integration with Student Information Systems, Assessment Providers & Content Providers
  • Data Warehouse Solution

Improve Student Engagement and Success

  • Fuel your school districts technology with analytics that inform learning, engage students, and monitor effectiveness, usage, and adoption across all applications