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Delivering the Right resource, to the Right student, at the Right time!

  • Resource recommendations are based on Learner Profile relevance algorithms that meet students where they are at academically, as well as catering to their interests, preferences, and learning styles
  • Interactive platform to deliver standards based resources and content to aid instruction and learning
  • Fully integrated Curriculum & Lesson Planning using State's Academic Standards
  • About 50K + OER resources included

Turbocharge your LMS!

Most Advanced Learning Analytics Platform

  • Plugin software to deliver the Most Advanced Learning Analytics Platform
  • Teachers and Students will now be able to access Focalpoint products without leaving the LMS via seamless LTI and API integration. There will be no additional training needed


Turbocharge your LMS

Personalized Learning Platform

Enables Visible Learning

Student Ownership

  • Real-time academic/affective data is right at the fingertips of students making the platform a catalyst for self-directed learning

Formative Feedback

  • Students receive timely, descriptive feedback through the platform in multiple formats (discussion boards, messages, data reports, assessments) at the standard level

Communicate Learning

  • Targets Learning Standards, Essential Questions, & teacher expectations are clearly stated and communicated within the platform


Make Learning Visible


Next Generation Assessment Platform



Next Generation Assessment Platform

Supports Backward Design

  • Assessment FOR, OF and AS Learning

28+ Tech Enhanced Questions

  • Next generation assessment platform that supports most advanced technology enhanced questions

Best Of Breed Content

  • Preloaded with 100,000+ high quality state standard aligned assessment items from industry leader Item Banks

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Powerful reporting capability with consolidated student data providing a holistic view


Actionable Data Insights and Data Warehouse Solutio

  • Perspective-based Insights for teachers, administrators, students & parents
  • Historical & Operational Dashboards
  • Formative, Summative & Local Assessment Data
  • Aligned to State Curriculum Standards
  • Early Warning Indicators
  • Drill-able, clickable reports with dynamic visualizations that can be converted quickly into PDFs
  • Assessment and Accountability Public Online Reporting
  • Seamless Integration with Student Information Systems, Assessment Providers & Content Providers


Actionable Data Insights and Data Warehouse Solution

Learning Analytics

Improve Student Engagement and Success

Fuel your school districts technology with analytics that inform learning, engage students, and monitor effectiveness, usage, and adoption across all applications


Learning Analytics