Personalized Digital Resources with Learner Profiles

FocalPointK12's ContentCloud Platform empowers Personalized Learning as teachers and students have access to standards-aligned open educational resources powered by a recommendations engine that serves up relevant content to students and teachers based upon student learner profile data. Resources are easily managed and shared in folders with other students and teachers allowing opportunities for teachers to facilitate a blended learning experience that promotes self-directed learning and a personalized experience for students.

Delivering the Right resource, to the Right student, at the Right time!

- Resource recommendations are based on Learner Profile relevance algorithms that meet students where they are at academically, as well as catering to their interests, preferences, and learning styles
- Interactive platform to deliver standards based resources and content to aid instruction and learning
- Fully integrated Curriculum & Lesson Planning using State's Academic Standards
- Plug-in software module for LMS and SIS to deliver 'Personalized Resources'
- Districts can add their own curriculum & student resources
- Easy Search with Faceted Elastic Navigation
- Social platform for Sharing and Collaboration
- About 50K + OER resources included