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Enabling a Scientific Approach to Improve Student Academic Performance;

The Atlanta-based company has extensive experience in the K12 education technology space as the co-founders have successfully deployed statewide solutions across the states of Georgia, Rhode Island, and Maine. In the spring of 2016, FocalPointK12 made available for the first time a bundled suite of products that make up a Personalized Learning Platform. The bundles include 1) A Data Warehouse/Dashboard tool with single-sign-on (SSO) capability, ad hoc reporting, and an early warning indicator system, 2) A next generation online assessment platform that supports the best of class item banks including KDS: Inspect, Measured Progress, and Certica Solutions, 3) A Digital Content Library that allows teachers to create, share, and tag their own resources while having access to over 50,000 open education resources, and 4) A learning management system with a recommendations engine that serves up personalized resources according to student data while also providing educators with virtual collaboration spaces that support Professional Learning Communities and Professional Development.

Using xAPI, Learning Record Store (LRS) technology, and relevancy algorithms, FocalPointK12 is able to deliver advanced learning analytics that drive student engagement, match digital resources with targeted student needs, and support learning that is personalized and data-driven.

The 4 modules can be acquired individually or bundled in any combination while also providing districts with the option of using the tools as ‘plugins’ that work inside learning management systems such as Canvas and Schoology.