Student Performance Improvement System

Student Performance

Our Differentiators

  • Individualized Educational Plans for each Student
  • Supports Visible Learning
  • Enables Backward Design in Classroom
  • Simple User Interfaces with Elastic Search
  • Formative and Benchmark Assessments
  • Standards Aligned Digital Resources
  • Most Advanced Learner Profiles System
  • Highest number of Tech Enhanced Questions
  • Actionable Learning and System Usage Analytics

Increase Student Engagement & Ownership

Learner Profiles

Automatically Linked Digital Resources based on Relevancy Algorithm

  • Standard, Grade Mastery
  • Resource Efficacy
  • Learner Profile (Interests, Type of Learner, Personality)

Student's See 'Where They Are'

  • Students Taking Ownership
  • Receiving Timely Formative Feedback
  • Communicating Learning Targets

Self Reported Interests, Learning Styles, Personality, Academics

Enable individualized learning in your classrooms






Our system helps improve
district academic performance
by enabling
individualized learning plans
for each student in the classroom
with less teacher effort

We organize your data and enable it to be actionable







We connect
your systems
organize your data


Enable analysis and insights by role & perspective











We provide data insights
and analytics
on each student
that can be aggregated at
a classroom, school, grade or district level to assess and track performance impact

We enable a continuous improvement cycle








We enable a
continuous improvement cycle
in classrooms
by providing teachers
with actionable insights, recommendations for individualized learning plans, and adaptive measurement
thereby providing more learning and less administration


Our Experiences shape who we are








Our product architecture
is enterprise scale
with simple user interfaces

Open Standards, Security & Privacy

Organize .. Enable .. Collaborate




FocalPointK12 Platform
enables THREE things ...
BETTER than anyone else
in the K12 sector

Enable Teaching & Learning

Next Generation Assessment Player

Our Platform DNA

From analytical dashboards that inform instruction & learning; a collaborative and adaptive, social learning platform to deliver standards-based resources and content to aid instruction & learning; and an assessment solution to measure instruction & learning.