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Welcome to Learning Tree (Adaptive Learning System)

A learning progression is a pathway that students navigates as they progress toward mastery of the skills needed for career and college readiness. Each pathway follows a route composed of a collection of building blocks that are defined by the learning outcomes for a course.






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Goals are personalized to each learner; there could be institutional goals or individual goals; a goal is a clearly defined objective that a learner aspires to do...




All Competencies and Skills are broken down to learning outcomes; the lowest level of mastery a learner can achieve is at the learning outcome; the map is a honeycomb representation of how these learning outcomes are linked to one another. It provides a clear path way for learners to progress as they achieve their goals. These linkages between learning outcomes are established by lot of research and are proven methods to learn the standards.




This is the journey the learner takes to achieve the goals…the learner takes the navigation path illustrated by the hexagons. As the student follows the map and in each hexagon of the map there is Guidance system that is personalized for each learner. Learning resources that guide him to understand the concepts of the learning outcome and provide him with lesson and additional material.




The student checks his understanding by taking an assessment, which is part of each hexagon; the learner mastery level is personalized during the goal creation.




The student achieves the goal by completing the mastery of all the hexagons. The learner will earn reward points and badges for their achievement. Learning Analytics provide data insights on the adoption and engagement of the system.