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FocalPointK12: Empowering Teachers with tools that support best practices in education

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There is a lot of noise in education. Teachers are at the saturation point when it comes to what is on their plates. FocalPointK12's software is positioned to support teachers by saving them time, increasing efficiency, and helping them go further and faster using strategies they know yield positive results. At FocalPointK12, we recognize that the classroom teacher is the single greatest influencer for increasing student achievement.







FocalPointK12: Helping Teachers with PLCs & Collaboration

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Dr. Johnson is a principal at Oak Grove Middle School. His teachers have received extensive training on PLCs, but he is having a hard time monitoring the effectiveness of this initiative. His admin team & academic coaches are not always able to participate in the meetings and his teachers need tools that can help out with data analysis, sharing strategies, and planning instruction.




FocalPointK12: Helping School Districts with Professional Development

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Dr. Carter is the Director of Curriculum & Instruction for the Allen Public School District. He has been given the task of providing professional development to all of the math teachers in the district on Problem-Based Learning. Logistically, this has become a nightmare. It is difficult to get all of hids math teachers from the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools together in consistently for this training. He doesn't want to pull them from class and teachers are not going to want to meet after school hours. After all, they have enough on their plates.




FocalPointK12: What about co-teaching, 'singletons', vertical planning, & clubs?

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Gus Willis is an Art teacher at Madison High School. He's frustrated because he doesn't have enough time to collaborate with other Art teachers in the district. It's easy for the math and English departments to get together as they have common planning time, but for specials teachers (art, band, chorus, PE, etc.) it's a different story. He wants to learn from others, share ideas, and grow as a practitioner, but feels helpless. A year ago, the district had monthly meetings at the central office where they all got together, but the meetings pulled him from valuable instructional time and it just wasn't getting the job done.




FocalPointK12: Helping Principals with PD, leadership teams, & school improvement Initiatives

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Mr. Jackson is the principal at Olive Tree Elementary School. His school leadership team meets every Monday morning to address operational issues as well as to monitor and insure that the school improvement plan is yielding the desired results. In addition, Mr. Jackson is having his faculty participate in a writing across the curriculum initiative as well as training on PBIS. His teachers are overwhelmed and he has to find a way to limit the amount of meetings while providing his team with appropriate training and support to accomplish their goals.




FocalPointK12: Leveraging Backward Design & Balanced Assessments with Curriculum Mapping Tool

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The FocalPointK12 Curriculum Mapping tool helps organize school district's curriculum with role based views of standards, essential questions/learning targets, balanced assessments, resources, materials, vocabulary, and all other applicable docs needed to support the learning and teaching process for every course available to students. The tool is perfect for school districts who prioritize a backward design framework and are seeking to organize all diagnostic, formative, summative, and district benchmark assessments by unit and grade.




FocalPointK12: Engaging Students & Preparing them for Success on Assessments

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FocalPointK12's Assessment Platform insures that students are engaged in learning and have the necessary supports through a blended learning format to prepare them for success on the tests assigned. With customized badges to award after tests, virtual spaces for students and teachers to interact in as they prepare for tests, and opportunities for students to see there data and receive timely feedback at the standard level, FocalPointK12's assessment platform serves as a catalyst for Visible Learning.